Did You Experience A Car Accident?

If you’re encountering challenges when contacting your insurance provider, our team is ready to support you. We’ll facilitate communication with your insurer and guarantee that your claim is managed swiftly and effectively, allowing you to concentrate on healing.

Whiplash injury

Whiplash injury, commonly caused by car accidents, can result in neck pain, stiffness, and discomfort. At Roh Chiropractic Center, our experienced team specializes in providing comprehensive care for whiplash injuries, using a personalized treatment approach to help patients find relief and recover their mobility.

Car accident recovery specialists await.

Securing a proficient and expert lawyer. Compilation of all required paperwork for insurance procedures. Assistance with insurance claims and interpretation services following a collision.

Step 1: Calling 911.

In case of pain after an accident, call 911.

Step 2: Obtaining driver's information

Obtain the other driver’s insurance card, driver’s license, and vehicle license plate information.

Step 3: Capture Photos

Capture photos of the accident scene, including traffic signals, lanes, stop signs, and vehicle license plates.

Step 4: Find Witness.

If there are any witnesses, PLEASE obtain their name and phone number.

Step 5: Consulting

If the other party of accident does not fully admit fault, it’s necessary to seek the help of a proper expert. Please CALL us for accurate advice.

Step 6: Rehabilitation therapy

If the pain worsens over time after the accident, it’s essential to seek treatment from a specialized medical institution with experience in pain management.

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Since obtaining my physical therapy certification, I have provided a tons of  physical therapies and various services to countless people.

I want to demonstrate that I have a strong advantage in physical therapy services by gladly presenting completed or ongoing cases to our customers, showing them how effectively we provide our services.


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Auto Accident Cases

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She has variety of expriences for Chiropractic threatments.

Sun Yung Roh, DC

Sun Yung Roh, DC


      • Palmer College of Chiropractic, Doctor of Chiropractic.

      • Maryland Boards Licensed with PT privilege.

      • Certified Lumbar Flexion-Distraction Technique.

      • Certified Trigger Point Therapy.

      • Certified Thompson Drop Technique.

      • Internship at Ichitani Chiropractic in Fortlee, NJ.

      • Worked at Kim Chiropractic rehab in Rockville, MD.

      • Worked at Carefree land Chiropractic in Ellicott city, MD.

      • Established Roh Chiropractic Center in Germantown, MD.

Client’s Review Happy Clients

Our clients leave many reviews on Google and instagram. We are happy to share their stories and reviews.

I find Dr. Roh from my insurance website. Booking appointment is easy. Dr. Roh’s office is more like a spa than a typical doctor office. It feels serene and relaxing. I come to Dr. Roh for my chronic back and shoulder pain.

Back when I was in school, I used to receive manipulation treatment from the DO. The concept was not foreign to me. I like that Dr. Roh use heat and EMS first to relax the muscle before proceeding to HVLA technique.

I come in every week for one month for hip pain and she makes driving long distance bearable again. After I have COVID, I cough for 1 month and no medication help. I have bad thoracic pain due to the cough. After two session with her, I am better and finally able to sleep.

I recommend Dr. Poh to everyone with chronic pain.

Christina Poh

I had trouble with long distance drive. I could not raise up my arm. She kindly advised me to some amazing treatment couple hours. Then, I could drive back to home in NJ. Thank you Dr. You saved my life. Reasonable price and acceptable treatment.


I’m so glad I found Dr. Roh. She is amazing. She listens well and takes the time to explain in detail what the problems are. She takes her time during the appointment to address all of my aches and pains. She is very caring.

Heather Brown

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